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Gallery 2014 - 2015 

This is André  Vermaak from Jansenville,  South Africa, with a 15 inch Common Reedbuck.  He shot this beautiful ram on a walk and stalk hunt with his 308.

Kobus van Zyl from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. “After an hour of walking we found the perfect sheep. There he was, Mr Jacob himself, standing at 80 meters. I took the shot at the animal with 4 perfect long horns and very thick wool. I was confident that, with using my 300 Winchester Magnum, the sheep would definitely go down - but because the thickness of the wool could damper the shot, I doubted for an instant whether it was, in fact, the perfect shot. Luckily it was a perfect shot through the heart. I was satisfied and very thankful for the few perfect days spent hunting at Hoeksfontein Safaris”.

 Kobus was accompanied by pH Neil Pretorius 

Willem Boshoff from Gansbaai, South Africa:”For a year I have been waiting, planning and looking forward to return to Hoeksfontein Safaris to shoot my dream trophy: a Waterbuck bull. We saw the bull last year and this specific bull was my dream. After days of hunting and seeing several other Waterbuck bulls while looking for that specific one, Bennie informed that he had seen the bull the previous night while hunting with another client. We decided to go back the next day, although I had already overextended my budget for this hunt. Early the next morning we went out hunting. We saw several other young Waterbuck bulls but still not my bull. We kept on walking and when we found him my heart was pounding. Standing there at 110 meters from us, teasing me before taking off. When he stopped for a second, I was ready and took the shot. He took off and I quickly took a second shot with my 375. I reloaded for a third shot when the bull stopped and went down. We approached the bull and discovered that both my shots had hit the bull. My Waterbuck bull, with horns measuring 31 inches, was down.”

Gerhard Du Preez from Robertson, South Africa, smiling broadly. He shot two Fallow deer rams in the neck with one shot with his Sako 30-06, using Barnes tipped TSX (Triple Shock X) at 155 meter.


Antonio Casas (Jnr) from Barcelona, Spain, shot this big male Caracal.
AGENT IN SPAIN : International Wild Hunting - Pablo Carol Losa:  info@iwhunting.com

Merli Gianpietro from Bergamo, Italy, is very happy with his Black Springbuck ram, shot at 95 meters with a 308.



This is Giudici Beniamina from Bergamo, Italia. She shot this Impala ram with a .270 rifle at 155 meter.  This was the first animal she had shot in South Africa.  The pH that accompanied her was Niel Pretorius.



Antonio Casas from Barcelona, Spain.  "I was curious to hunt the smallest antelope, the Blue Duiker with a shotgun. It’s something peculiar, because it reminds me of rabbit hunting in Europe with dogs. But it is different, because with the Blue Duiker we had used special dogs that only hunt this antelope. We waited in an area where the Blue Duiker was likely to pass through.  I couldn’t hear any noise from the dogs, because I was near a small water fall. I missed my first shot because the animal suddenly appeared from the brush, running very fast towards me,  at high speed, what seemed like 100 km/h. Honestly it was difficult to kill.  That was the first opportunity....I failed.
The second opportunity came after trying out two different positions where we did not see any animals crossing.  Eventually we saw the Blue Duiker running out from bushes behind us. I shot at the animal, that was running away from us, hoping to hit it.  More than enough pellets hit it.  We found the animal some meters away, thanks to dogs and trackers. The professional hunter in the area is very important, because he knows exactly where the duikers pass through. Without his help it would be impossible for me to get one” 

AGENT IN SPAIN : International Wild Hunting - Pablo Carol Losa:  info@iwhunting.com

Begonia Monasterio  from Barcelona, Spain. “My experience of the first hunt of my life: I  came to South Africa with my husband and my son, who are both hunters, only to visit this beautiful country (that I have fallen in love with).  I never  thought I was going to hunt, because I had never shot a rifle before. My friends Bennie, Pepe and Neil asked me:  "Why don't you try? Maybe you will like it!!"

So I accepted the idea and tried  to shoot at a bottle with a 243. To the surprise of everyone I hit it very well. That encouraged me to hunt an Impala. Looking for  the animal, stalking it in silence, the concentration and, eventually, firing the shot.  I missed my first shot and we tried again. This time, with friends nearby, all looking at the same animal, I felt calm and I was able to take a perfect shot.  After I had shot my Impala and he was down, we all rushed closer to make sure that he was dead - and suddenly I felt sad.  But my mind changed quickly  at the thought that many people were going to have good meat for dinner. The experience was great.

I will come to South Africa again as a hunter myself and not just to accompany my husband and son in their hunting expeditions.”
AGENT IN SPAIN : International Wild Hunting - Pablo Carol Losa:  info@iwhunting.com

Olivier de Blois, from France. “When we discovered the scenic landscape of Hoeksfontein, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the best that the Eastern Cape has to offer.  The first morning we were up early and witnessed with excitement the sun rising over the mountain.  In order to experience mother nature fully,  I followed Bennie for a long and magnificent walk and stalk across the Karoo landscape.  Then, at some point, about 300 meters away, we saw a few Springbuck.  My heart started beating faster as I loaded the 308.  We stalked closer and closer to the springbuck, myself following carefully in Bennie's footsteps until we reached a reasonable distance of 160 metres.  Bennie set up the tripod and I aimed slowly and carefully to select the thickest horns in the herd. Bennie  pointed out  a ram that had walked clear  from the group.  I aimed for the shoulder, took a shot, and already Oscar, the little Jack Russell  (tracking dog) ran in the direction of the herd.  The shot was slightly low and I had to take a second shot to call the beautiful animal my trophy.   What a great story to tell while socializing for hours that night around the camp fire at Bontebok lodge.” 

AJ Smit from Gansbaai, South Africa with his 8 inch Mountain Reedbuck ram shot at 80 meters with a .308.

Inge Ferreira, from Joubertina in the Eastern Cape South Africa, is 11 years old. “Ek was baie opgewonde om my eerste bok te kan skiet. Ek het aangelé op die koedoebul wat op 120 meter gestaan het. Die 300 Remington Win Mag was gelaai met patrone wat 168 gr GS Custom koeëls bevat. Ek was verbaas toe die bul val met ‘n enkele nekskoot. Dit was ‘n ervaring wat ek nooit sal vergeet nie. Baie dankie oom Bennie.”

Eleven year old Francois Stumke from George, South Africa: ”Ons het vroegoggend met die bakkie na die veld gery op soek na springbokke of rooibokke om te skiet. Louis, my gids, het besluit dat ons te voet deur die bosse loop. Ons moes baie saggies loop sodat die bokke ons nie hoor nie en toe ons om ‘n bos kom, staan Louis skielik doodstil en wys vir my die springbokke so 80 meter van ons af. Ek was baie opgewonde. Louis het die skietstokke vir my opgestel en ek het aangelê, met die 223 (Zastava) geweer, op ‘n springbokram wat hy vir my uitgewys het. Toe die skoot klap, val die springbok onmiddellik plat toe die 55gr koeël hom op sy blad tref. Louis was baie verheug en het my gelukgewens. Dit was my eerste springbok wat ek geskiet het en ek is baie trots omdat dit so 'n mooi groot ram is. Dankie Oom Bennie en Louis, ek sal my eerste springbok altyd onthou.”

The group from the Institution For the Blind spokesperson, Freddie Botha from Worcester, South Africa: ”Hoe sê mens dankie vir so 'n naweek? Ek dink toe ons aan die blindes geleentheid gegee het om 'n woordjie te spreek, was hulle reaksie aangrypend. Elkeen het vertel hoe hierdie naweek vir hulle onvergeetlik was, ‘n droom wat waar geword het. Dankie dat julle vir ons help om die drome van blinders waar te maak. Helen Killer, beroemde doofblinde, het gesê: ”I can see in what you people call the dark, but what I see as golden.” Vir die blindes en vir ons was hierdie naweek ‘n “GOLDEN” ervaring.” Thanks to all the sponsors: Dr. Kobus Nelson, Dewald van Eyk, Dept. Landbou en Wildbestuur NMMU, Pieter Cilliers, Charl van der Merwe, Rudi Mills, Etiene Britz, Naude van der Spuy, Ian Kleyn en Hannes Brummer. They all made this weekend possible.


The talented musical three entertaining the group.



His life time dream was to ride a horse.  His visit to Hoeksfontein Safaris enabled him to realize this dream. 

Morné van der Merwe is a blind hunter from Worcester. He shot his first ever Springbok with the help of pH Neil Pretorius.


Johann Steytler from Paarl, South Africa: “ A kudu bull was noted and ranged at 330 yards. It was standing with three kudu cows and partially hidden behind the trees. When the bull presented itself,  a shot was taken with my Winchester Safari Express model 70, 375 H&H. It has a 24 inch barrel with a twist of one in twelve and is well known as the so called “rifle man's rifle”. I aimed one mil dot high to compensate for the bullet drop of approximate 27 cm at three hundred meters and a dot to the left, to compensate for a fairly strong wind blowing from left to right. It’s a Nikon Monarch 4-16x 42 with a mill dot reticle. It was apparent that it was hit and slowly walked away while the cows fled. At 400 yards the bull turned and faced us. Another shot was taken two dots high and to the left. The bull dropped immediately as it was hit in the neck, with a Barnes 235 gr triple shock loaded to provide a speed of 2800 feet per second. The first shot was subsequently noted to be through the lungs above the heart and would also been fatal. The rifle I used is also fitted with a Moose silencer and a Harrison bipod.” 

Tollie Lewis from Somerset West, South Africa. He shot this warthog at 75 meters on a walk and stalk with his 270.


Keith Igesund from Gordons Bay South Africa. ”Just a short note for my appreciation of the hunt that I had at your farm. The pig hunt was a highlight as I had never had an opportunity to do that before. I enjoyed the exercise and being able to cover so much terrain with your assistance. I think I did well, breaking the farm's record with the most pigs shot in one day by one hunter. I would like to thank you for your hospitality and personal attention in the bush and assisting me to find the right animals to shoot. It was an enjoyable experience. The animals were of high quality. I would like to compliment the guys that skinned the animals; I appreciate their effort. I am dreaming about all the Kudus on the farm that we went to when we shot the pigs. I arrived as a stranger and left feeling I would love to return.”

Bosak Milan from Slovakia with this big Scimitar horned Oryx bull shot with 270 at 145 meters. He was accompanied by PH Neil Pretorius.




Laszlo Koczy from Budapest, Hungary, with the Cape Grysbok he shot with a .223 at 65 meters.


Muhammad Ghoor from Pretoria, South Africa, shot this Gemsbok bull.




Heiko Slump from South Africa with the Letchwe bull he shot at 120 meters.


Gyorgy Gyimesi from Slovakia is very happy with his Blue Duiker ram.



Louis Botha from Cookhouse, South Africa, shot this beautiful White Springbuck ram at 355 meters. He used his .243 Musgrave Revel with PMP Pro-Amm 100 gr ammunition.


Terry K Herman lives in Reno, Nevada, USA. He shot this 30 inch Barbary Sheep ram at 240 meters and the 29 inch Roan Antelope bull with his 300 Remington ultra magnum.

Patrick R. Gentil from Paris, France, with his Scimitar Horn Oryx bull. He hunted the animal with  an 8 X 68 Blazer rifle and  shot it at a distance of  85 meter.  pH: Peter DUMINY.



Andreas Ver from Hungary, with his dream animal from Africa. He was accompanied by PH Neil Pretorius.



Gergely Leo Dudits from Gyor in Hungary. "What a dream? My first Kudu bull was shot on the first morning of my first safari in South Africa. I still can not believe I am in Africa."



Gabo Dutitz, from Hungary, on his first safari in South Africa. He is very happy after shooting this Gemsbok bull with a .308 calibre rifle.

Sergio Galeotti from Italy with the beautiful Nile Lechwe and Sambar Deer.

Amos Galeotti from Italy with his Jacob Sheep, shot at Hoeksfontein and the Arabian Oryx shot on the same Safari.

Jacques Roos from Paarl, South Africa with his first buck hunted with a PSE 15 Elite crossbow. "We spotted the Nyala bull on top of the hill 30 meters away. I took my first shot and the arrow hit the bull high above it's front legs. The bull moved higher and stood again at about 50 meters. I gave him a second shot and he still managed to run through the bushes. After tracking the spoor, I found my Nyala bull lying under a thorn bush. This was the best hunting experienced I have ever had in my 10 year hunting career. It's something I will never forget. My pH was Sakkie Rust."



Darius Diedericks from Hluhluwe, South Africa. PH Christo Classen helped the seven year old Darius to shoot his first animal - this beautiful Blesbuck ram at 120 meters with a .223.

Nicoline Swart from Riviersonderend, South Africa. "After an exciting stalk I finally managed  to see the Impala ram's head Bennie was pointing out to me, barely visible in thick bush.  The shot was true over a steady rest at 40 meters and my ram was down to a head shot."



Rochelle Roos from Paarl, South Africa. "It was my first hunt ever. After shooting my first two Springbuck on a driven hunt, uncle Sakkie Rust and I walked and stalked this White Blesbuck on uncle Bennie's farm the next day. After missing three opportunities to shoot the Blesbuck, it was finally in my sights. It fell down on the spot after receiving a shoulder shot. What a proud moment for me! Uncle Sakkie said it was the biggest Blesbuck he had ever seen on that farm. I enjoyed the hunt very much and can't wait for next year.

Gabriele Gaitoni from Italy with his Burchell Zebra.


Marco Aletti from Italy with 30 inch Nyala bull.



Petro Aletti from Italy with a beautiful Impala ram.
Federico Aletti from Italy with his Blue Wildebeest




Carel Jacobs from Graaff Reinett , South Africa. "It was my first kudu hunt so anticipation and excitement was understandably running high. It was a perfect Karoo winter's afternoon with no wind. Bennie spotted a few kudu cows and this good looking bull. The kudu's were well beyond a range of 300m, slightly uphill from our location, browsing along a wide ridge with two deep ravines on both sides. Taking a few seconds to get steady with my 7X64 Sako, I took aim higher than the bull’s back, straight up from the front leg and squeezed the trigger. The 154gr Hornady Interbond bullet struck the bull with a clear thump and it went down in its tracks only to get up after about fifteen minutes. After a well orientated follow-up by Bennie’s faithful tracking dogs and farm workers, we managed to do the “coup de grace” as the last light was fading across the Coetzeesberg mountains. The initial shot was slightly high on the shoulder.

This dark bodied Eastern-Cape Kudu bull is truly unique, with it's beautiful white stripes, thick neck, long mane and thick horns, measuring 45 inches. I could not have dreamt of a more impressive bull as my first a king of the Camdeboo!"

Ferenc Szlama is from Budapest, Hungary. "It was good to see two good friends working together. After this beautiful Bushbuck ram was wounded, Neil, Bennie and his dog quickly found the blood. After a second shot the Bushbuck jumped into a river. Bennie, without hesitation, followed it into the stream -flowing with knee deep water - and recovered my Bushbuck. I will not forget hunting this Bushbuck ram, nor the fantastic week spent at Hoeksfontein Safari's, accompanied by PH Neil Pretorius. It was a great experience."

Gerhard Zeelie from Pretoria, South Africa is very happy with his two Mountain Reedbuck rams that were taken late in the afternoon, not more than 5 minutes apart, with his 30-06 Ackley Improved, loaded with 168gr Barnes XXX. The first buck was taken at about 370m after Bennie indicated the hold higher to compensate for distance and strong wind. The second was shot at 140m. "What a privilege, since I have never hunted these animals before!".

Etienne Steenberg from Wonderboom, South Africa."I had the privilege to hunt at the beautiful Hoeksfontein Safari’s in the Eastern Cape. One of my main goals for this year was to hunt a big Black Wildebeest bull. Stalking the heard of grazing Wildebeest, Bennie quickly realized that the large bulls were at the rear of the heard. He took the effort in leaving them and stalking them from the opposite side where he carefully and patiently observed the animals, looking for the appropriate bull to hunt. The big bull faced us at around 80 – 100 meters, and Bennie carefully placed the shooting stick into position for me to take a comfortable shot. With Bennie guiding me through the process I shot the bull, using a BRNO ZKK 601 in .308 with 180gr PMP ProAmm. With the bull facing me, I took the shot right below the mouth in the chest and it fell down right on the spot. Thanks to Bennie's effort and determination, I was able to make this a reality. Now I can cross the beautiful Black Wildebeest bull from my bucket list. It was my great experience of a lifetime."

Petrie Auret from Bellville, South Africa, shot this beautiful fallow deer stag with tracer Elfie on a walk and stalk hunt. This is how Petrie experienced his hunt. "Myself and Elfie climbed up the mountain where we spotted a herd of Impala earlier in the morning. Reaching the area where we suspected the Impala would be, 4 Zebra went into full laughing mode and soon there were Impala running everywhere. With their persistent noise, the Zebra basically cleared the entire hillside and valley of any game. Realizing that our climb was now definitely for nothing, we chose a spot to sit down, catch a breath, have a smoke and scan the valley below for any animals. We spotted a few Impala grazing and a fallow deer stag bedded down about 2 km away. The wind was in our favor, so we decided to make stalk and see if we can get a shot.

On our way we had to go through a pretty dense forest area and we were slipping and sliding our way ever closer to the Impala and hopefully still bedded down Fallow Deer. My mind was just starting to wander to the evening braai, when Elfie grabbed me and in one motion had me and my rifle over the shooting sticks in a split second. “Daar meneer – ‘n baie groot takbokram , skiet hom!!” were Elfie's words and I caught a glimpse of the beautiful, majestic stag in a clearing. It was only about 60 to 70 meters. There was no time to think, as the Fallow Deer was moving away slowly and the bush was very dense. As soon as the crosshairs settled on his shoulder, I squeezed the trigger of my .308 and sent the 150gr Nosler Partition bullet on its way. The stag buckled and started trotting away slowly. I knew the shot was good, but in the dense forest did not want to take a chance. The next moment he was in another clearing - I fired again and he dropped on the spot. What a beautiful animal, hunted on a beautiful part of Hoeksfontein."

Dr Alvin Skinstad from Hermanus, South Africa with his big Warthog. "Being closest to my vintage, my pH Neil Pretorius understood the need for us to start our slow walk and stalk hunt towards the river in an area where he thought we would find some warthog. Neil's technique and steady surveillance was excellent as we used a favorable wind and bush cover to approach the green patches. Impala, Springbok, Mountain reedbuck and duiker all saw us and moved off without panic or warnings to alert the unsuspecting warthog below. Suddenly Neil spotted a mixed group, including a massive boar with impressive tusks. At a distance of 200 meters we stopped and waited as the unsuspecting group carried on feeding in a green patch. We watched and waited until the boar presented his head and neck at the edge of a bush.

He may have spotted us, or picked up our scent, because he had stopped feeding and remained stationary, just showing his head and tusks. I had a steady rest on the tripod and Neil's shoulder, took aim and the shot was taken. The warthog disappeared and neither Neil nor myself saw which way he may have taken off. We walked down and to my joy and relief the boar was within a meter of where I had last seen his head. He had simply rolled over and never moved again, with a neck shot just behind the head. This was a great experience with the help and support of Neil. That is how a hunt should be..a slow steady stalk and a clean kill; believe me, it doesn't always work out that way. Sitting at home after a wonderful Eastern Cape Hunting weekend, I am still glowing with the pleasure of the whole experience. Life gives a few occasions where fantastic people and a fantastic place come together. Well, that happened to us this weekend. This intense experience is made so much richer and more meaningful for me at the age of 68. You've given me a few years back..... just being with you all and experiencing the lovely Eastern Cape that you also treasure and value ... true pioneers who are actually no different from the early Settlers in this lovely area. The game was fantastic and we all returned home with more than we expected. Thanks for showing so much attention and concern towards the new hunters. Hospitality and a willingness to help resulted in an unforgettable experience. I have been blessed to have hunted and received instruction from many experienced and ethical hunters. No animal, however strong or cunning, is a match for a man and his rifle, with a well placed shot. This does not make us superior. We have taken a life and the animal should be respected from the moment it receives a fatal shot to when the final piece of cleaned venison is respectfully worked and utilized. Waste and disregard for the hunted animals has no place in my approach to hunting. It is the marvelous situation we find ourselves in today, where game is respectfully nurtured, protected and ethically hunted. It is in this regard that we owe so much to Bennie and his team of highly qualified professional hunters. Their role is to both hunt and protect and propagate ... a finely tuned balancing act. At the same time new hunters are skillfully and safely taken through the initiation to hunting. Well done. You guys have impressed us all with your appreciation of nature and for providing us with an opportunity to hunt excellent, mature animals in an exciting, harsh, sensitive and beautiful part of Africa. Many thanks to all who played a role at Hoeksfontein; we will see you again."

Shawn O'Reilly from Pretoria, South Africa with his 22 inch Impala ram he shot on a successful walk and stalk hunt.  He was accompanied by tracer Elfie.

Johan Muller from Pretoria, South Africa. “A well-organized hunt by Bennie resulted in me being able to shoot a beautiful bush pig sow, which I have been looking for, the past 3 years. Compliments to Bennie for the professional way in which they conducted my hunt and making it a memorable experience .”

Gyorgy Gyimesi from Kralovsky, Slovakia. Gyorgy is very happy to have shot his long time dream animal, this Caracal, on his first safari in the Eastern Cape. The hunt started early on a foggy morning. When the pack of hounds were off-loaded, they immediately started running around.  Searching for scent, they disappeared into thick bush only hearing the soft whistling of the handler.  At sunrise the fog disappeared and a beautiful day unfolded in nature. The hunting party was quiet, staring down the deep valley, listening to the early morning sounds. They waited patiently for any dog to start barking. Then they heard the call on the two way radio "the hounds found fresh scent". We drove in the direction of the handler where the hounds were barking down the valley. We walked, crawled and intertwined through thick bush towards the barking hounds. Hiding behind a thick branch, high up in a tree, the Caracal was nearly impossible to see, but Gyorgy took the shot! "Yes! My dream animal, the one which I struggled to shoot before!

This proud 13 year young huntress, Dominique Roos from Paarl in the Western Cape, South Africa,  hunted her very first animal at Hoeksfontein. Dominique, her father and two brothers were taken to the hunting area early in the morning. Today was her turn to hunt her first animal. The young huntress was quiet and a bit nervous, but keen. While we were stalking she told me her first animal had to be something else than a Springbuck, because her brothers' first animals were Springbuck. During a long stalk she made use of a number of opportunities to aim at various animals and to calm the nerves. She made no mistake when she aimed and fired at this fine Blesbuck ram at a range of 100 meters, dropping it in it's tracks. She used her father's 308. Well done and good hunting, Dominique. The pH was Neil Pretorius.

Horst Kahr from Austria is very happy with the Warthog and Impala he shot with his first visit to South Africa. It was his long time dream. "I will be back and bring more hunters to Hoeksfontein Safaris"

Waldo Gerber from Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Waldo and his son Wiehan hunted this Fallow Deer stag on a father and son hunt early in the morning in the mountains at Hoeksfontein. After a scenic drive along winding tracks up a valley, we reached a plateau from where we started hunting. Glassing the area, a number of animals were spotted but there was nothing worth hunting. Wiehan, who had wandered off a few meters to one side, called to his dad that he had found something to shoot. The target was confirmed, shooting sticks were set up and after a very good 200 meter shot, with a 25.06, the beautiful stag went down. The pH was Neil Pretorius

Freddie Botha: "Ek praat namens al die siggestremde persone van Worcester en ook ons ander bevoorregte siendes.  Hoe kan mens dit in woorde beskryf? Een woord wat ek herhaaldelik hierdie naweek gehoor het, was: 'Onvergeetlik!!' Dat hierdie naweek onuitwisbaar in ons geheues ingraveer is. Die gasvryheid, die opofferings, die hulpvaardigheid, die opregte liefde wat ons ervaar het!! Daarvoor kan ons weer net opreg dankie . Dankie vir almal wat hierdie naweek so 'n impak op ons lewens gemaak het en veral dankie vir die belegging wat julle gemaak het in die lewens van hulle wat minder bevoorreg is. Ons sal julle nooit vergeet nie!!"
Hannes Byleveldt : "Dit was 'n lang rit terug na Worcester toe, vir 9 uur na opgewonde stemme te luister en presies te hoor wat elkeen vir sy geliefdes gaan vertel. Dan gesels hulle, dan sing hulle, dan vertel hulle grappe, dit het nooit opgehou nie. Julle sal nooit besef wat julle vir die ouens beteken het nie. Vir my was die naweek ook besonders, want my pa het altyd gesê: “As jy iemand wil leer ken, vat hom veld toe.” Ekself het weer so stukkie meer van myself in die veld geleer. Baie dankie vir die geleentheid en julle geduld met ons dorpsjapies."
Ons wil ook die borge bedank, naamlik: Dr Stef Grobler, oogarts by St Georges, Departement Landbou en Wildbestuur NMMU Addo Kampus, Capitec Bank, Dr Kobus Nelson Algemene Praktisyn in PE en die jagters Retief Celliers, Kobus Nelson, PJ Celliers, DR Neil Pretorius wat hul bokke geskenk het vir die "Institute for the Blind" van Worcester.

Johan Louw, a member of The Institute for The Blind in Worcester, South Africa. He is a very proud blind hunter who successfully bagged two Springbuck at a distance of 70 and 40 meters respectively, using a 243 rifle. He was accompanied by pH Neil Pretorius. A rifle was fitted with a laser pointing device, zeroed with the scope at 70 meters. The blind hunter held the rifle, resting on a tripod and the seeing hunter maneuvered him by holding onto his shoulders until the green dot of the laser was on the target. The blind hunter then fired the shot.This was practiced in advance and for obvious reasons had its limitations. The annual hunt for members from The Institute For The Blind, hosted by Hoeksfontein Safaris, was held on the weekend of 15 March 2014. 15 Members from the institute attended a traditional Springbok driven hunt. A group of experienced hunters volunteered their services and guided blind or sight impaired members from the Institute. Each hunter took a member into the veldt with him and proceeded with the hunt. A lot was learnt by all. GOOD HUNTING JOHAN. "Nooit in my beste drome het ek gedink ek sal ooit in Springbok kan skiet nie. Dan sommer twee op een dag. Baie, baie, baie dankie vir die geleentheid."

Sergio Baruffini from Italy added this beautiful Oribi and Grey Rhebuck to his trophies on his second hunt in the Eastern Cape. "My best hunt ever, one I will remember for the rest of my life." He shot a total of eight trophies on this safari.


The 10 year old Armand Bosch from George, South Africa, is very happy with his Grey Duiker. "We were stalking a Bushbuck ram in the veldt. I was on the shooting sticks, ready to shoot the Bushbuck at 180 meter and suddenly this 5 inch Grey Duiker appeared from the bush and stopped broadside on at 50 meter right in front of us. Uncle Bennie told me to shoot the duiker. I gave it a perfect heart shot with the .243 Remington, using 100g PMP ammunition."

Jakes du Toit from Kraaifontein, South Africa. "This was my second trip to Pearston, but my first with Hoeksfontein Safaris. The previous year I only saw two Kudu bulls and three Kudu cows. On the second day of my trip with Bennie I shot my first Kudu ever. The next morning I was placed at a spot in the veldt hunting for Springbuck. Minutes after reaching the spot I noticed a Springbok ram coming towards me. I aimed and shot my first trophy Springbok. Twenty minutes later I shot another trophy springbok ram. The following day I shot my second Kudu. I want to thank the people of Hoeksfontein Safaris for the professional manner in which they treat their guests. Their knowledge of the area enables them to place the hunter in the ideal position to find the animal he is looking for. All the facilities at the lodge are really magnificent. While in the veldt I also learned a lot about numerous aspects of hunting as taught by Bennie and Sakkie. I have found the perfect hunting farm and I see myself as very fortunate to have met Bennie and Sakkie so early in my hunting career. My only regret is that I could not stay longer, but am already planning for next year, if not earlier. Thank you both for an indescribable hunting trip."

Ten year old Le Roux Roos from Paarl, South Africa. "Ons het op die bakkie gery en vir bokke gesoek. Ons kry toe 'n trop Springbokke. My pa sê ek moet daardie gewone springbok skiet. Toe hy oor die pad hardloop skiet ek hom gelukig op sy blad. Die springbok het net 'n entjie gehardloop en geval. Ek sê toe vir my pa: 'junne die geweer maak seer.' Dit was 'n 375 waarmee ek geskiet het."