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Gallery 2018 - 2019 

Armandt Basson is from Irene South Africa. He shot this 4 horned Damara ram with a .308 Musgrave rifle.

Andreas Petrakov from Germany hunted this massive Eland bull with a carcass weight of 445 kg. It took 4 Peregrine 220 gr shots from his 300 Merkel RX Helix at 220 meter to take down the bull.
Andreas was assisted by Louis van Niekerk

Pisa Simonini Spada from Italy: “My First Safari in Africa was an incredible, unique experience. The hunting done by Bennie is an ethic hunt. It’s not only pulling of a trigger it is also for the care, the patience and then you are constantly in contact with Nature, together with a lot of emotions. Thanks a lot for the lifetime experience that you gave me. It was special to hunt this Sable Bull of 39 inches. With all my heart I thank my mentor and my teacher “The Hunter” Luca Bogarelli. It was an honour to approach this new passion with you. I will remember it for the rest of my life, as you taught me: In hunting nothing is sure, but everything is possible!
I shall be back very soon, for sure!”

Agent: Luca Bogarelli


Pietre van Niekerk (Pepe) from Hoeksfontein Safaris: ”We spotted three enormous Blue wildebeest bulls while on a lion hunt. When we returned the next day, we spotted a very unique bull and decided that this was the bull to shoot. Although I have been hunting for several years, I was shivering; nervous and excited at the same time.
Aiming with a 375 Remington loaded with 300 grain PMP rounds and waiting for the bull to move away from the cows, those few minutes felt like hours. I took the shot and the bull jumped up in the air and ran off. Soon though, my disappointment was replaced with pride, when we found the bull a few meters away - down and dead. A big hug and thank you to my husband, Bennie, for the opportunity to hunt in the Kalahari.”

Frederick du Plessis from Randburg South Africa: “Early one windy morning we started our walk-and-stalk, looking for one of my dream animals, the mountain Reedbuck. It was not long before we spotted a large group of mountain reedbuck, lying in the morning sun. We tried to stalk closer, but they ran away and disappeared over the ridges.
After 5 km's walk up and down the mountain, we saw a beautiful ram running back with his ewes. We sat down to allow them to relax and start grazing again. We stalked the group up to 300 metres and I took my first shot from the shooting sticks. The shot was one meter too high; my second shot was just to the left of the ram. He ran 75 metres further and stopped, quartering away. The third shot with my 3006 Browning. loaded with a 180gr Norma Oryx bullet, was a perfect neck shot, only 300 metres from the vehicle where we had stopped in the morning. I am grateful for this wonderful experience.”

Vorster du Randt is from Pearston South Africa. ”I have always wanted to hunt a trophy Nyala Bull. After hearing of Hoeksfontein Safaris my dream became a reality. Bennie spotted a magnificent Nyala bull and the stalk was on. At 245 meter I looked through the Vortex crossfire 2 scope on my 300 WSM TikkaT3, loaded with Nossler Accubond ammunition. With one shot the 28 inch Nyala Bull went down. Thanks for the experience of a life time.”

Ferdi Venter from Humansdorp, South Africa, hunted this White Springbuck ram at 140 meter with his Musgrave 243. He used 100gr Sierra Game King ammunition.

Alberto Corsinovi from Italy: ”One of my best hunting adventures was the one with this warthog walk-and-stalk-hunting. The warthog is a clever and fast animal that dares you in many ways. Not easy to win! Hidden in the bush, he shows himself only when you approach him. Then you discover its speed as it puts you, your shooting ability and the rationality that every hunter possesses, to the test. An exciting challenge! Real Hunt."
Agent: Luca Bogarelli


Piet Steenkamp from Sasolburg, South Africa, with his Jacob Sheep ram. This is a special trophy of a fine specimen. 

Waleed Alangari is from Saudi Arabia. He hunted this Impala ram at 80 meter with a 308 Musgrave, using 160g PMP ammunition.

Johan van Rensburg is from Welkom in South Africa. “Thank you for the effort, your patience and the calm way in which you ensure that the Hunter can shoot his dream trophy buck. It really was a privilege to hunt this big Black Wildebeest bull at 100 meter with my 308 Howa, loaded with 150g Sierra Game King bullets, at Hoeksfontein. I will definitely be back.”

Chris Tuck is from Oxford, North Carolina in the USA. He was very happy to find this big Burchell Zebra stallion.

Laszlo Szabo from Hungary. “Don’t you know the feeling when the second comes, that you’ve been waiting for - for more than fifty years? Bennie clearly indicated which animal was ideal for my hunt. The beautiful Springbuck ram appeared in my rifle scope. I then took my first shot at an animal in South Africa. I squeezed the trigger and the Springbuck ram jumped and folded. This was a wonderful experience that I am very happy to have had.“

Arpad Nagy from Slovakia with his Zebra, hunted with a 270 calibre rifle at 185 meter. PH Deon Bezuidenhout

  Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432

Ladislav Godany from Slovakia with his beautiful Springbuck ram shot at 150 meter with his 300 Win Mag. PH Deon Bezuidenhout

Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432

Riaan Swanepoel from Despatch, South Africa: ”After regular hunting trips in Namibia over the past few years, the travel costs to Namibia just became too much, so we decided to hunt locally. This would give us more hunting opportunities. 2018 would be the year of a dream that I have cherished since 2011 - my first Eland Hunt! My pH Farmer encouraged me that TODAY was MY day. He advised me to hunt with PMP ammunition instead of shooting with the ballistic tip which I loaded for my 270 Musgrave. We were about 200m into thick bush when we spotted the eland bull and could not determine its actual size. The anxiety and the excitement to be within shooting distance from my dream Eland and to see him standing before me was amazing. My heart was beating in my throat. I fired the shot, the bull disappeared. We found my bull and I saw my dream in front of me - my first Eland Bull! I will never ever forget the tremor in my heart and hands, nor the most amazing feeling. That I will never forget! My dream had come true, but it was 10 times bigger and nicer than I could ever have hoped for. My 38 inches Eland bull at Hoeksfontein Safaris in Eastern Cape will stay in my memory bank for the rest of my life. So much sweeter, especially for the guys who have told me my Musgrave 270 calibre is too light! What an animal, what an experience! Thanks Farmer and Louis - you made it all worthwhile and achieved my dreams.“

Péter Orosz from Slovakia. “The day promised good weather but when we reached the last crest we found the valley beyond covered in thick mist that made the hunting grounds look like a shimmering lake. Hoping the sun would cause the mist to disappear, we sat patiently, waiting for the mist to lift. The mist was so thick you could hardly see the end of a rifle barrel. We all settled down to wait for the visibility to improve. Suddenly the mist began to lift and disappear. To our utter astonishment, here in front of us, was a whole herd of Black wildebeest – all lying down! I picked out a bull lying with its backside towards us. We moved slowly sideways to get a good body shot. We were almost in position when the mist closed in like a great white hand that wiped the amazing scene from our eyes. The whole situation was like a dream. The minutes passed like hours and we stood frozen in silence. Finally, the ever changing conditions changed and the mist lifted. The bull had not moved and without hesitation Peter fired his Blazer R-8 300 win mag. We heard the bullet strike just as the next wave of mist rolled in. We hurried forward and found the Black wildebeest bull, motionless in death, just as it lay when we first saw it.” pH Neil Pretorius

Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432

WILLIE HILLS from Pretoria, South Africa, with his Copper Springbuck. ”Thanks to you and the Hoeksfontein team for the wonderful service. Your  experience in hunting made this hunt something special. Your place is nicely decorated and was conveniently serviced. 

The helpers in the field seemed to consider it no effort to climb the mountains to retrieve the animals or to carry them out. Hoeksfontein Safaris is truly a mainstay operation.”

Bibbi Lirenius from Sweden.”Here at Bontebok Lodge you get to feel like a member of the family - not just a guest. The hospitality is fantastic. I hunted this 39 inch Gemsbok bull with my 30-06 Schultz & Larsen at 90 meter, using 150 gr PMP ammunition. I shot over 23 animals in 8 days, most of them gold trophies and had seen over 30 different species. This place is a hunters paradise. So many of my hunting dreams have been made possible. Hunting with Hoeksfontein Safaris has exceeded all expectations and has made this trip unforgettable. Now I know what I wish myself for my 60th birthday in 2020! Once again a Big Thank You all.”



Bennie and Pepe with a Hartman Zebra, shot at 325 meters with a 7mm rifle, using  165gr PMP ammunition.

Peter Horvath from Slovakia: ”This was my second hunt at Hoeksfontein Safaris and I was happy to be back. This time I took my own rifle, a Blazer R8 9,3x62 with SAX ammunition. After a long stalk we successfully reached a group of Waterbuck at about 150 meter. Bennie told me to act fast, because they would spot us. I shot this big Waterbuck bull. After tracking it for 200 meter - and with the help of the dogs - we found him dead in a very well covered area. I am very happy and I thank Bennie for such an experience! It was a great trip, with a great leader, my friend Bennie. I would recommend Hoeksfontein Safaris to everyone. We will meet again in 2020!”
Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432


Milan Nagy from Slovakia: "We stalked a group of eland down the mountain until we were about 300m from them. I shot my Eland bull with my Sauer 202 rifle, calibre 30-06, using RWS EVO ammo. It was a perfect shoulder shot. To me this was a huge experience.
Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432

Isak Dunn from Jeffrey's Bay South Africa: “Since arriving in the Eastern Cape in 2000,  I have been wanting to shoot a trophy Fallow deer.  I started hunting at Hoeksfontein Safaris three years ago, but have always  missed the big stag. One Monday morning Bennie called and asked whether I could hear "it". I must tell you, all I could hear was the sound of  Fallow deer stags' mating calls during the Rut. Then. about half an hour later, he sent me a picture of a large stag, hunted by an archer. Early the Thursday morning we drove half-way up the mountain. We walked the rest of the way, listening for the stags. It was not long before we noticed the first stag next to us, but he walked away quietly.  About 200 meter further along we noticed a stag approaching two ewes and I had him in my scope, but he suddenly ran away. We heard  two more stags calling and decided to stalk them. When we got to an open grassy area, the largest stag I've ever seen was lying there and it made its presence known with its call. I got him in the scope of my 270 Musgrave. loaded with 130 grain ammunition. Bennie advised me to STAY CALM, BE CALM. I knew then he was mine - that stag would go nowhere. The result was this incredibly nice Fallow deer stag and an experience that I will always remember. Bennie, thank you - it was GREAT. "

Chris Thiessen from FEEL the RUSH TV Canada. He successfully finished his Springbuck Grand slam with this Copper Springbuck ram he shot at 175 meter with a 270 Win., using 130 gr Hornady ammunition. Ph. Brendon Sternberg

Dallas Tolles from Canada. “I really enjoyed hunting at Hoeksfontein with the diverse topography and different species to hunt. You run an awesome operation and I can’t start to explain how welcome you made us feel. Really enjoyed how friendly and engaged you and your family were, especially going the extra mile to help find the Springbuck.”
PH Brendon Sternberg.

Ferenc Ekker from Budapest, Hungary. Coming down the mountain we passed a herd of Red Hartebeest shining red in the sun. Fascinated by the odd looking creatures, Ferenc decided to shoot one. He steadied himself, then pulled off a spectacular shot with his RWS 300 Win. Mag. Blazer R93, which hit the bull at about 350 meters. The stricken Hartebeest jumped into a nearby clump of bush and vanished. Because Ferenc was physically not capable of doing a long stalk up the mountainside, he had to take such a long shot and he did it like a champ. We have a saying in Afrikaans: “Hy kan maar skiet”, which means: he can shoot.
PH Neil Pretorius
Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432

Below: Zsolti Karakai from Utca, Hungary. “I got a really beautiful present for my 50th birthday from my wife. I was very excited to hunt a buffalo in Africa. The third hunting day off my fist Safari to South Africa was the most exciting for me, because this day we hunted for my Buffalo. We woke up early and we started the search by foot. After an unsuccessful search we went back to the vehicle and we drove up the mountain. We spotted a herd of buffalo in thick trees. We started down the mountain to stalk them. After a long and exhausting stalk, we finally saw this buffalo bull standing in the perfect position. I took a fatal shot from 60 meters with the 375 H&H. The buffalo collapsed immediately. The adrenalin worked in me so much, that when we arrived at the animal I couldn’t say a word. It was a very good feeling and a really beautiful bull. The next day the safari continued. While we were walking we saw a group of Sable. Bennie chose the largest bull and when it stopped in the right position, I took a shot. The animal ran off into thick bush. We followed the track and I took another shot. This time it was successful. The animal collapsed immediately. It was one of the most beautiful animals I shot in Africa. I was so happy. It was an unforgettable and very good experience for me and my wife! Everything was super! We are happy that we met you and your entire family! We are grateful for everything you and your family did for us!”


Werner du Preez from Cape town, South Africa. “After a tough day's hunt in the beautiful mountains, Louis spotted this big Fallow Deer stag at 240 meter. The excitement in Louis's voice convinced me to take the shot with my Howa 270 Win, loaded with 130 gr Sierra Game king. My wife and daughter also went along and witnessed the event as it unfolded, with me, bagging this special trophy stag. All this made the hunt something special to remember and cherish for many years to come.”

Marthin Linde from Pretoria, South Africa.”I have been trying for 6 years to land a trophy Waterbuck bull. It became my nemeses as I got so close every time and was never successful. We spent the whole Saturday searching for the trophy bull through some rough terrain which was very beautiful terrain, but could never get a shot and thought my nemeses got away from me again. On Monday, I was very surprised to find another opportunity to hunt for my dream bull. I missed the first shot, as I nicked a little branch on a tree and I thought: well that’s it - my dream won’t become a reality. We carried on with walk and stalk and later we found the same bull and was presented with a perfect shot. I took it with my CZ550 30-06 rifle, using PMP pro-am 180 grain ammo. I landed the 30-inch Waterbuck bull with a perfect shoulder shot. I was stoked and I was throwing my mates in the air so happy I was. I can only thank Bennie; he put in a lot of effort and he was very patient with me. I got my trophy and I can highly recommend the outfit as well as the area, which is beautiful. The family runs a professional outfit at Hoeksfontein Safaris , close to a little town Pearston in the Eastern Cape, a beautiful part of South Africa. To any fellow hunter, the animals are in beautiful condition. It’s an awesome part of our country and you won’t regret visiting Hoeksfontein Safaris. Thank you for an awesome weekend.”

Barry Paxton from Midrand in Gauteng, South Africa, with a Buffalo bull he shot at 75 meter.