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Bow Hunting

Friends, old customers and new customers have been asking to bow-hunt with us because the area is so well suited for this purpose.  I have been bow hunting here for some time and it is possible to hunt from blinds or to walk and stalk to bow hunting distances.  We have therefore added this exciting form of hunting to the services we offer.

Bow hunting is an ancient craft with a history that spans several thousand years.  Even though modern technology has improved the equipment we use, one important point remains unchanged:  How do you outfox your quarry on his home ground when he is so superior to you in respect of sight, smell and hearing?  How much time and patience do you have?

Bow hunting at Hoeksfontein offers you the freedom of choice to hunt for the thrill of the chase, for trophy, representative or meat animals, male and female of the specie.  If you have the desire to take home the trophy of a lifetime or the experience of a lifetime, the choice is yours. 

Come and enjoy the unique experience that Africa offers you.  The challenge of African Game.  Contact me to discuss your requirements.  I can offer you non trophy and  representative animals at prices that are very affordable.

Bruce Vaughan from Hutchinson, Kansas in USA. “For this hunt I used gold tipped arrows with broad heads. I shot my Springbuck at the water hole from a blind. He only went 100 yds before he died. The area is experiencing a tough time with the drought but one can’t control the weather when trying to bow hunt. I had a great time hunting at a great place. I will be coming back; Hoeksfontein Safaris is a great lodge to stay at.”

Charl Marais from George, South Africa. He shot this Waterbuck Bull with his bow.

Bertie Marais from Durbanville – South Africa: I decided to book a hunt at Hoeksfontein Safari’s in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It turned out to be an excellent decision. The combination of the landscape, weather, accommodation and excellent service from Bennie and his team, made it one of those hunts that you will never forget. The terrain is perfect for walk-and-stalk with bow or rifle and the well-placed hides provide an option for bow hunters who do not like to walk all day.
I walked and stalked a nice sized warthog at 15 meters with my bow “Hoyt CRX 35” set at 65 pound and used the 340 Easton ST EXCEL arrow with 125 grain Nap Scorpion mechanical hunting tips. I also bagged a Blesbuck ram with my 243 rifle. The wide variety of animals that are available and the prices at Hoeksfontein are encouragement to book again as soon as possible. Those were the best four days I have had in a long time.

Darren Hindle from South Africa. "The day started at 5am as we got ready for the day, ensuring that we had all our gear for a full day in the bush. The wind was moderate and the temperature surprisingly warm with a few clouds around. We met Neil (pH) at 6am and set off immediately on our 30min drive up the mountain, over some incredibly steep slopes and slippery terrain. We spent the morning getting to know the terrain, glassing the mountain side and pushed a few Blesbuck and a Black Springbok just out of reach. We decided to take up position around the watering hole and see what came by. Just as I settled in for a few minutes of shuteye the sound of hooves running towards the waterhole soon got me back on track. When I peeked over the brush I was very pleased to see a Zebra stallion watering a mere 19m from me. Alert as ever, he seemed to know that something was in the area and did not stick around to find out. Watching him cross the open field and into a thicket, I decided to go stalking. It took me about 40mins until I finally laid eyes on him again and then spent the next 2 hours stalking, with him moving into areas too open to stalk. With dry/crunchy grass and stones underfoot, the stalk was slow and tiring. I finally got into position at 34m and took the shot with my PSE Dream Season DNA bow #70lb, using an Easton ACC Pro Hunter shaft, tipped with Muzzy 3 blade, 125gr amounting to 485gr arrow weight; it was a clean pass-through. He ran 200m bleeding profusely and then collapsed out of sight. Bennie and the dogs arrived after a short while and it took them just under 1 min to locate the fallen stallion. It was a fantastic hunt in a beautiful area and the hospitality and accommodation was fantastic! I am looking forward to spending some time at Hoeksfontein again next year."

Zeeman Visser. " After 5 years working in Australia I am back in South Africa on holiday. The first weekend my brother, dad and myself went on a hunting trip at Hoeksfontein in the Eastern Cape. The hunt started slow for myself, because I just could not get a close shot with the bow. On the second day my brother wounded a Warthog and I went after him with my bow. I got a good 25 meter shot at him and he went down after a few meter. I got within 30 meter of a Kudu bull and got my first shot on an antelope with my 70 pound Hogt Spider 30" bow. Nerves kicked in and the bull jumped the string. My shot was a bit low; we followed the blood trail. I managed to get another 125 grain Easton Axis FMS 340 arrow shot in at the Kudu bull and hit the lungs.  This time he went down after running 100 meters. I was over the moon; my first kill. After that my nerves were gone and we went after the Nyala bull with the unusual horns. We found him just up the ridge in the bush and waited for him to walk out. I prepared and steadied myself, then got a shot in at 25 meter. We gave him time, because it looked like a good shot. We quickly found the blood and tracked it up the ridge. The Nyala went in a circle and we found him 150 meter from where I had shot him. I am very happy for killing two animals in one day, using my bow. Thanks Bennie and Sakkie for this experience."

Sakkie Rust from Struis Bay, South Africa with is first 'crossbow-animal'. He shot this 27 inch Nyala bull at 35 meters with his 180 pound, 10-point Turbo XLT. The 125g carbon arrow with fixed blade broad-head, travelling at 345 fps, went through both lungs of the Nyala bull.


Pierich Siebert from Prieska, South Africa, was equally happy with his Blesbuck. He shot the animal at 12 meters with his 50 pound Razor Edge bow, using an Easton Axis arrow.

The Sieberts did well on their hunt.  This is Hendri Siebert, also from Prieska, South Africa, with his Scimitar bull, shot with a 50 pound Razor Edge bow, Nitron broadhead and Easton Axis arrow at 32 meters. Both animals were found on a walk and stalk exercise.

Hendri Siebert from Prieska, South Africa. He got this 15 inch Blesbuck ram at 40 meters during a walk and stalk. He used an Easton ST Axis arrow with 100 gr Nitron tip from his 60 pound Razor Edge bow. This combination gave full penetration through the Blesbuck.

Hein Siebert from Germiston, South Africa, with a big smile when his shot his Blue wildebeest Bull at 25 meters ( walk & stalk ) with Hoyt Maxis 35 bow 90 pound setting. He used an Easton ST Axis arrow with 125g Nitron Broadhead's. The bull ran only 30 meters before it went down.
PH: Deon Bezuidenhout

Craig Hurn from South Africa with his Kudu that he took from a blind with his bow.

Bennie van Niekerk with his first bow kill. The Fallow Deer ewe was recovered from the river after being shot with a Mathews bow.


Derrick Inggs from Uitenhage, South Africa, shot his first  Gray Duiker with his Long Bow.


Ray Dawson of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, shot his Springbuck at Hoeksfontein on a walk and stalk hunt with his bow and arrow.

Craig Hurn from Cape Town,  South Africa, spent his summer holiday at Hoeksfontein Safari's with his  family and parents.  They alternated hunting days and  family days. This worked very well.  He shot  Kudu, Impala and Warthog with his Martin Cheetah 70lbs bow. He used G5 Stryker 125 grain Broadheads and Easton Epic arrows.

Jacques Wessels and myself "Johan van Niekerk at the back" were looking for warthogs, walking on a small path next to a valley with dense vegetation. Jacques was in front and had an arrow knocked and ready when all of a sudden a warthog walked out on the path 13 meters directly in front of us! Jacques, who was concentrating on walking through the vegetation, hadn’t seen the warthog. I started to worry that the pig would spot us so I slowly took out an arrow, knocked it and started to draw. Jacques realized I was drawing my bow behind him, so he knelt down. Before the warthog had any idea of what was happening I put the arrow directly in its vitals. It ran less than 50 meters before it dropped stone dead, just short of its burrow. We then had to carry the carcass out to the roadside. The warthog was taken with a 70lb Matthews SwitchBack XT, an Easton full metal jacket arrow and a Hypershock Expandable 125 grain broadhead.

Kevin Jeacock of Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa, with his 20" Impala, taken with his bow on a walk-and- stalk hunt.

Jacques Wessels from Port Elizabeth in South Africa with his 28" Eland bull. Here is his story: "Johan van Niekerk and I went up the mountain looking for a Black Wildebeest bull.  We walked up on several animals when I heard what sounded like a mini avalanche caused by a herd of probably 60 Eland moving up the  mountain about a kilometre away. I heard another noise coming towards me. I drew my Hoyt's 70 pounds bow with a Hyper shock 125 grain broad head, took aim and started following the sound. What happened next took only a split second but feels like hours. A lone eland bull walked out 5 meters from where I stood. I released the trigger, the bull saw the movement and jumped - it was gone. I panicked. Was the shot good or bad? I sat down and waited, after calling Johan to help with the search. At first we found no  blood, but we spotted an Eland in thick bush 80 meters away. It still had enough life to scare and  jump up. The arrow had broken off and the blood flowed freely. It was getting dark. The next morning, with Bennie's help, we picked up the blood trail and found the Eland 600 meters from where I shot it. It  was an immense joy and sense of accomplishment. Now, when I visit my freezer filled with Eland steaks, I recall that amazing feeling of being 5 meters from such a large and wonderful animal. I  can almost still hear it's breath and the sound of his movements. A most amazing experience."

Black Springbuck taken by bowhunter Rebecca from the USA.

Flippie Nell of Jeffreys Bay in South Africa with a 27" Eland bull taken with a bow. Flippie has taken three Eland this year with his bow.  The first and the third were taken from the same blind and all three were textbook shots. It is not what you shoot with that matters, it is where you place the shot.

An outstanding Reedbuck ram taken by Carlos Benovides of Texas USA . This is the biggest one ever taken with Hoeksfontein Safaris

Carlos, smiling from ear to ear after taking this fine specimen with his bow.  The horn length is 54".

A 31" Blue Wildebeest also taken by Carlos with his bow.

Hendrik Hatting and Bushbuck

Hendrik Hattingh (16) with a 14.5" Bushbuck taken at 22 metres on a walk and stalk, with a Martin Phantom 70lb bow.