Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting At Hoeksfontein

Bow-hunt with us because the area is so well suited for this purpose.  I have been bow hunting here for some time and it is possible to hunt from blinds or to walk and stalk to bow hunting distances.  We have therefore added this exciting form of hunting to the services we offer.

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Bow hunting is an ancient craft with a history that spans several thousand years.  Even though modern technology has improved the equipment we use, one important point remains unchanged:  How do you outfox your quarry on his home ground when he is so superior to you in respect of sight, smell and hearing?  How much time and patience do you have?

Bow hunting at Hoeksfontein offers you the freedom of choice to hunt for the thrill of the chase, for trophy, representative or meat animals, male and female of the specie.  If you have the desire to take home the trophy of a lifetime or the experience of a lifetime, the choice is yours.

Come and enjoy the unique experience that Africa offers you.  The challenge of African Game.  Contact me to discuss your requirements.  I can offer you non trophy and  representative animals at prices that are very affordable.

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