Wing Shooting

Wing Shooting

Wing Shooting At Hoeksfontein

South Africa is gifted with a variety of wild game bird populations of which there are more than fifty species. More than twenty of these species are available as fair game and are shot regularly in our area. In the veldt and around the fields you will find species including guinea fowl, various varieties of partridge and francolin species, as well as numerous dove and pigeons species, sand grouse, quail, etc.

We have a few dams and marshy areas that provide habitat to various duck species for example Egyptian geese, spur winged goose and a variety of ducks, etc. Hunting is done from a blind, using decoy’s and caller to lure the birds in.

Wild Bird Hunting Agency
Sebastian Hospital and Pablo Carol Losa from Barcelona Spain, experienced an enjoyable afternoon of wing shooting. Agent : Pablo Carol, International Wild Hunting,
All the dogs are experienced and well schooled to ensure client satisfaction.

In pursuit of South Africa’s game bird species it’s a once in a life-time bird shooting safari, where the experience surpasses the burden of a heavy bag. Relax and enjoy an afternoon’s wing shooting, or, after a hard day’s hunting, sit and wait for the birds to fly in while the sun sets over the Karoo plains.

Shooting seasons
Doves & Pigeons : Year round with a peak from March to mid June
Geese : 1 Jan – 31 Aug with a peak during May to Aug
Guinea fowl & Francolin : End of April – End of Aug
Ducks : 1 May – 31 August
Greywing Partridge : 1 April – 31 July
Ostrich : Year round

Please bear in mind that the shooting seasons vary between the nine different provinces of South Africa. Restricted game birds do not have an open season, but may be shot when issued with a special hunting permit from our Department of Economic Affairs, Environment and Tourism