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About Us

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You and your family, or hunting party, are invited to our home for a hunting safari never to be forgotten. You can be assured that our competent and professional management and hunting teams will ensure your safety and comfort. No request will be too big or too small.

The gateway to your safari, where clients become friends and family.

Bennie van Niekerk

I am the third generation on Hoeksfontein with nearly 40 years hunting experience. Time drawing near to pass on the legacy to my sons (4th Generation) on Hoeksfontein. I will be your host (Bennie van Niekerk) at Hoeksfontein Safaris. Whatever your preferences are and however you imagine your ideal safari, all you have to do is ask.

Bennie van Niekerk - Hoeksfontein Safaris, Pearston, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Hoeksfontein Safaris

We at Hoeksfontein Safaris would love to give you the ultimate hunting, safari and African experience of a lifetime. Situated in the Karoo (malaria free), just outside of Pearston in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Inviting both local and foreigners seeking an adventure that will be unforgettable. From the Ultimate African Hunting experience to rouget 4×4 trails, Game Drives or taking to the skies paragliding. Only to mention a few, allow us at Hoeksfontein Safaris make the impossible possible to provide you with one of the most memorable experiences.

Bontebok Lodge History

The 4th Generation

About Hoeksfontein

As a family whom holds sentiment to the family values and name of Hoeksfontein Safaris. The 4th generation is ready to uphold the reputable name and history of the once in a lifetime hunting experience.

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